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Coronavirus: Rio 2021 carnival parade postponed indefinitely

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The male Y chromosome does more than we thought

New light is being shed on a little-known role of Y chromosome genes, specific to males, that could explain why men suffer differently than women from various diseases, including Covid-19.

The findings were published this month in Scientific Reports by Université de Montréal professor Christian D...

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FBI probes police killing of boy on family’s drive

The FBI is to investigate the fatal police shooting of a teenage boy as he reversed a vehicle out his family’s garage in the US state of Kansas.

A police officer fired 13 shots, killing John Albers, 17, on 20 January 2018 in a Kansas City suburb.

Police had been called to check on the boy, who h...

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First PhytoFrontiers™ paper discusses arabidopsis response to caterpillars


IMAGE: PhytoFrontiers Cover view more 

Credit: APS

The PhytoFrontiers™ editorial board, led by editor-in-chief Nik Grünwald and associate editor-in-chief Steve Klosterman, is pleased to announce the publication of its first paper, “Distinct Arabidopsis responses to two generalist caterpill...

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President Trump sued for fraud by niece Mary

US President Donald Trump’s niece has filed a lawsuit, accusing him and two family members of fraud and conspiracy.

Mary Trump alleges that Mr Trump, his sister Maryanne Trump Barry and brother Robert Trump, who died in August, cheated her out of an inheritance.

Ms Trump, who in July released a...

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Germany sacks military counter-intelligence chief overseeing investigation into soldiers’ suspected ties to neo-Nazi groups

The head of Germany’s military counter-intelligence service has been dismissed amid a sweeping probe into hundreds of soldiers for suspected links to far-right extremism, the military’s latest effort to overhaul the agency.

Christof Gramm will go into early retirement next month after leadi...

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Color-coded biosensor illuminates in real time how viruses attack hosts


IMAGE: A single cell that shows different types of translation in different colors, using a color-coded biosensor. view more 

Credit: Stasevich Lab/Colorado State University

Infectious viruses come in many shapes and sizes and use slightly different attack mechanisms to make humans and anima...

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Magawa the mine-detecting rat wins PDSA Gold Medal

An African giant pouched rat has been awarded a prestigious gold medal for his work detecting land mines.

Magawa has sniffed out 39 landmines and 28 unexploded munitions in his career.

The UK veterinary charity PDSA has presented him with its Gold Medal for “life-saving devotion to duty, in the ...

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European Commission ‘still does not understand’ solution to illegal migration, Czech PM Babis says after new policy announcement

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis has rejected the new EU migration policy proposal, calling parts of it “nonsense.” Brussels wants countries to admit relocated asylum seekers and also to pay for sending them home.

“At first glance, it seems that the European Commission still does not under...

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How do Americans view the virus? Anthropology professor examines attitudes of COVID

In her ongoing research about Americans’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, Northern Arizona University anthropology professor Lisa Hardy and her collaborators have talked to dozens of people. A couple of them stand out to the researchers.

Hardy spoke to a man who had polio as a child and had t...

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